Illustrator and cat fancier from Toronto. Clients include the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Globe & Mail, The Walrus, Anorak, and others.


Selected Works 2011-2013. Images will load on scroll.

Illustration for the New Yorker. Cats and humans reading books.

What We're Reading // The New Yorker // AD: Jordan Awan // 2013

Conjoined twins illustration. Conjoined // 2013

illustration of man and bird

What is this Life? // 2013

Illustration for the New Yorker about America and weight loss. Editorial illustration.

War on Obesity // The New Yorker // AD: Jordan Awan // 2013

Cats on the Brain // The New York Times // AD: Aviva Michaelov // 2012

Illustration for the New Yorker about knitting. Sheep.

Knitting in Literature // The New Yorker // AD: Jordan Awan // 2013

Tinking // The Globe & Mail // AD: Matthew French // 2013

Through the Flowers // 2013

Counting the Tiles // 2012

Sandra // 2013

Christmas Flowers // 2012

Illustration for the Globe & Mail about alcoholism.

Cactus Journal // 2013

The Mystery of the Lake // The Globe & Mail // AD: Cinders Mcleod // 2012


I am an illustrator from Connecticut currently living in Toronto with my wife, illustrator Kaley McKean, and our cat, Snoopy. I really like the 1939 NY Worlds Fair, collecting old slides, Shelley Duvall, and my collection of macrame and houseplants.


The New Yorker, the New York Times, Anorak, Plansponsor, Jamie Magazine, PRINT, the Walrus, Vegetarian Times, the Globe and Mail, HOW, The National Post, Quill & Quire, Brown University, the Stranger, Williamette Week, BC Business, Beer Advocate, the Baffler, Cricket, Austin Monthly, Feathertale Review, and others.


  • Victorians
  • Plants
  • Ancient Greece & Rome
  • Cats
  • Colonial New England
  • Mythical Creatures
  • Jungle Animals

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